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Cyan Garamonde
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2nd-May-2020 04:11 pm - HMD/Permissions Post
and then I was like
HMD post for Cyan from Final Fantasy VI. Questions? Comments? Critiques? Post 'em here!

For now anon commenting will be on and comments will be screened.

1st-May-2020 04:13 pm - Voice Mail
can&#39;t sleep clown will eat me
14th-May-2011 09:26 pm - 02 - [text]
oh soggy napkin...
Sir Locke, if I may have a word of thy time. There's something I wish to discuss, it's rather urgent.

Also a question for the masses. How long have all thou been here...?
can&#39;t sleep clown will eat me
[greetings Vatheon! today in your SFC there's an older looking man, somewhere in his 50's, looking at their device. the video is on and the screen is moving everywhere, getting a good view of Cyan's face and his surroundings. he presses a button and a deep frown appears on his face]

I am unable to work this thing...What is this atrocity? It hath to have some of purpose, I would think.

[he lays a hand on his sword which is strapped to him and glances sideways before he eyes the SFC again, his frown still remains]

But first I must find where I am...
27th-Apr-2011 10:26 am - Application for vatheon
oh soggy napkin...

Right Here!Collapse )
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